Aliando a técnica jurídica à criatividade

Combining the technique
juridical to creativity

The Office

Michaluart, Armani and Takaishi Advogados has an efficient profile without compromising professionalism. In addition to the ethical conduct of its professionals, the Firm’s work philosophy values ​​proximity and partnership with the client, especially in relation to their business and legal matters, which provides ideal conditions for the best technical examination and accurate professional advice. The Firm’s primary objective is to seek the results desired by its clients, in order to repay their trust.


In addition, the competence, diligence and honesty in conducting the matters conferred on the office, combined with the solid experience of its partners and employees, who excel in constant technical recycling, recently guarantee the satisfaction of its clients due to the precise multidisciplinary action in cases involving any sector of economic activity, whether in preventive or litigious form.

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The office’s mission is to meet the needs and expectations of its clients with technical excellence, agility and precision, always aiming at the best application of the law according to the case and need.


The members of  Michaluart, Armani and Takaishi Advogados act both preventively, helping in the formatting of businesses and evaluating/minimizing the risks involved, and in litigation, through administrative and judicial proceedings at all levels and instances in any location of the Brazil. They are true partners of the client to, with knowledge of their business and proximity to their daily activities and practices, also strategically assist in business decision-making, prevention of litigation and prospecting for opportunities, combining legal technique with creativity.